Polish Immigration in Barcelona: The Sagrada Familia Neighbourhood as an Arena for Interaction
Wladyka, Dawid; Morén‐Alegret, Ricard
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Concordia Discors. Understanding conflict and integration in European neighbourhoods
Alessandro Bergamaschi e Irene Ponzo
GEITONIES ConferenceGenerating tolerance and social cohesion, Lisbon, 28-29 April 2011

Final Conference – Integrating European neighbourhoods
Final conferenceIntegrating European neighbourhoods, Brussels, 17 October 2012
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Turin Background Report
Marta Pinto, Irene Ponzo – Download

London Background Report
Hiranthi Jayaweera,  Ole Jensen, Ben Gidley – Download

Nürnberg Background Report
Claudia Köhler – Download

Budapest Background Report
Boglárka Szalai – Download

Barcelona Background Report
Albert Mas, Ricard Morén-Alegret, Dawid Wladyka – Download

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