The Concordia Discors project has adopted a comparative perspective which has been articulated over two levels:

• Comparison between different quarters within the same city;
• Comparison between quarters located in different cities and countries (see Comparative Overview).

Eleven quarters of five European cities have been then investigated: Poble Sec and Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Józsefváros and Kőbánya in Budapest, Camberwell and Bermondsey in London, Werderau, Gostenhof and Langwasser in Nüremberg, Borgo San Paolo e Barriera di Milano in Torino.
For each city a Background report and a Final report have been produced. The firstdescribes the social and spatial features of investigated neighbourhoods in order to reconstruct the opportunity structure of intergroup interaction. The second analyseseveryday practices and daily encounters, and the possible connections with information and representation flows of local media, on one hand, and structure and actions of local policy communties, on the other hand.

Synthesis report

Final version – March 2013 by Ferruccio Pastore and Irene Ponzo

Review of theoretical and empirical studies

The theoretical framework illustrated in this paper aims to provide the conceptual tools for the implementation of the empirical work of the Concordia Discors project.…


Due to the ‘intensive’ interactions and street life, in Poble Sec there are more chances than in Sagrada Familia for cooperation but also for conflict.…


Within Barriera di Milano and Borgo San Paolo different places produce different interactions. This relation passes mainly through the rules of use of spaces which may be produced and defined in different ways.…


The socio-economic differentiation can in both Bermondsey and Camberwell be translated into an overlaying of class with race/ethnicity, as the majority of incomers can be categorised as white and middle-class, although with different profiles: typically young professionals in the finance sector in Bermondsey, with a more cultural middle class in Camberwell, for whom diversity is one of the appeals of…


Ethnical framing seems to be less likely in contexts of high diversity, multiculturalism and in the absence of a strong established order like Gostenhof.…


In Józsefváros and Kőbánya the process of migrant integration cannot be properly understood using the dichotomous majority-minority model due to the relatively large native Roma population.…

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